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When we speak about music, the only true standard that is on everyone’s lips is the Fab Four from Liverpool, The Beatles. Through their whirlwind seven year tenure, an astonishing catalogue of popular music was created, which is still embedded in the very fabric of song writing today.

The Beatles Albums began with Please Please Me – a thumping introduction from McCartney, Lennon, Harrison & Starr. The record entertains from start to finish, starting with the awesome “I Saw Her Standing There”, and bringing us along for a journey of completely delicious pop music. If there is such a thing as perfect debut, this could be it. From the mournful “Misery” all the way to Lennon’s infamous vocals on “Twist and Shout”, this album already declares The Beatles as a defining group.

please please me - The Beatles Albums

A mere four months later, “With The Beatles” was released in November 1963. This brought us the same achingly perfect melodies as the first, and contains the usual single material, such as “All My Loving”, another three minute beauty that would later become a standard for the band. It also contains some brilliant covers, with the standout “Till There Was You” coming from Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man”.

An almost seamless transition arrives in their third effort, “A Hard Day’s Night” containing tracks from the feature film of the same name. This Beatles album was notable as the first record to have all songs written by the group. From start to finish, this may be the most complete Beatles album ever, with all songs oozing with lyrical and melodic quality, with standouts being “Can’t Buy Me Love”, the beautiful “If I Fell” and the dark closer “I’ll Be Back”. Following this effort is “Beatles For Sale”.

Throughout their album infancy as it were, the Beatles based most of their lyrics on the pursuance of the opposite sex, with the haunting nature of “No Reply” and “Baby’s in Black” really attesting to this, as they long to win back the heart of their love. The beautiful ballad “I’ll Follow the Sun” really sets a marker down for further exploration of their surroundings in contrast to the earlier Beatles albums’ songs, which focused very much on the here and now.

The Beatles Album - helpAnother film soundtrack follows with “Help!” showcasing another dose of pop beauties from the foursome. George really begins to show his undeniable talent on this record I think, with “I Need You” being a truly fantastic song, with a melody that has to be heard to be believed. Lennon’s angst is yet again approached with “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” and Paul’s masterpiece “Yesterday” still blows away to this day. A vast change to the group’s song writing is wholly seen in their next

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